Chapter 1
Five Words

The crash of her keys as they landed on my desk shattered the silence in my office like
breaking glass. Startled, I stared at them for a moment, sprawled out before me like a
discarded rag doll. Before I had the chance to look up, I heard the impatient voice of my
new boss. “Go move my car!” she demanded, turning on her heel and flying out of my office
like a wicked whirling dervish. While I had been the recipient of some of her unreasonable
directives, such as telling me with whom I could and could not spend my unpaid lunchtimes,
she typically saved the car moving chore for her secretary. Poor Della received the brunt of
her disrespect, handling it with more grace than I ever could. The mild mannered secretary
would typically come in and find our boss’s half eaten food plates sitting on her chair,
forcing her to schlep them back to the employee cafeteria half a city block away before being
able to start her days’ work. Then, around 10:00 a.m. when her large Cadillac was about to
be ticketed for being parked in a two hour zone, our new boss would emerge from her office,
bellowing at Della to perform her valet services. The two hour zone was right outside the
front door to our office, whereas the employee parking lot at our large hospital was at least a
quarter mile away. So, it was a matter of convenience that fed our boss’s need to wield
disrespect over her staff. Whatever the reason for her abuse, it did not sit well with me. I
didn’t like when she disrespected Della and, together with the unreasonable lunchtime
directives, I definitely didn’t like it when she did it to me.
Nevertheless, I arose from my desk and complied with her orders. Once in the car, I gunned
the engine on that huge Cadillac, which forced it to lurch forward out of its parking slot like
a scared jackrabbit. Task completed, I returned to my desk and started to remove my coat to
get back to work. But, something stopped me. What was I doing, that “something” said?
Sure, I’d been at this job for five years and I liked my work, but the environment over the
past few months with this new boss had become absolutely unbearable. And it didn’t show
any signs of improving. Was I going to continue to allow myself to be abused? Well, was I?
So, instead of taking off my coat, I picked up my purse and keys and walked out...forever.
I had just purchased my first home, a small townhouse yet a castle to me, only a couple
months before. As a result, I had absolutely no money left in the bank. My dad had died a
couple years prior, so I had no security person to fall back on in desperate moments like
this. I had always feared being homeless and now my darkest fear had arrived at my door,
pounding on it, demanding to be let in. Since that fear wasn’t going away, I realized the only
way around it was to look it in the face and push past. Typically overly responsible, I had
never ever in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever walk off a job. The anguish I now felt i
my soul tore me apart. But, I am a survivor.
I have always known there was a forceful presence surrounding me - even when times got
tough. I suppose I was in shock at having had the uncharacteristic nerve to do what I did.
But, I believe that “Force” helped me go through the mindless motions of basic survival
during those first few days of not knowing where my next meal was coming from. I made a
doctors appointment and was immediately put on stress-leave, which provided a thin, short-
term shield between the homeless wolf at the door and myself. I made phone calls and sent
out resumes. But the most significant thing I did, each and every day was to talk to that
forceful presence. I didn’t just talk to it, I implored it with every ounce of my being. I
connected with it, as if the forceful presence was another person standing right in front of me.
For the next several weeks, I developed a routine. I would get up in the morning and talk to
the Force. I knew they were listening. I don’t know exactly why I felt that this Force was a
“they,” a gathering of souls if you will, versus one singular entity. But my overly-developed-
since-childhood sixth-sense told me so. I believed I wasn’t in that room alone. In fact, I
absolutely knew my prayer was being heard. It wasn’t an elaborate or ritualistic prayer, just
a genuine outpouring of strong emotion coupled with mindful conviction.
With heartfelt passion flowing out of me like burning lava erupting out of a volcano, I
repeated my simple, yet powerful feelings aloud. “I know you love me!” “I know you love
me!” I cried. I offered this simple conviction to the spiritual team of beings who I knew
surrounded me. I poured all the emotion and strength I possessed into that one phrase, over
and over. The strong desire for a new job, the conviction that I was valuable and deserved to
be cared for, the knowing I had done the right thing for my own self-respect, my fear of
living on the street, the trust and conviction that I was not alone and was being heard. All
those emotions and more went into that proclamation. Daily, I’d speak it strong, out loud,
standing in the middle of my living room. Shaking and crying with a torrent of emotion. Not
a cry of weakness, mind you, but one of strong conviction delivered with extreme intensity.
Never did I blame anyone for my circumstances. I took complete responsibility for my
decision, knowing I had done the right thing. I didn’t waste or diffuse any of my energy in
thinking or talking about how unreasonable my boss may have been. I focused only on what
I wanted to have happen. Even though I was scared out of my mind, I held strong to my
faith. I just knew this powerful spiritual force, which I would later come to understand is a
team of beings imbued with the power of God, were with me throughout all this.
Each day I would spend several hours immersed in this powerful declaration offering with all
the strength I possessed, the simple phrase, “I know you love me!” Then around 10 or 11 am,
I would usually collapse onto the couch in an exhausted heap and fall asleep. The sound of
the mailman at my door around 1:30 pm would typically wake me up. When I arose, my
muscles would be sore from the intensity of clenching them while I’d been praying. However,
never did I give into self-pity or defeatism. Failure was not an option and I knew it. I would
then spend the rest of the afternoon sending out resumes and doing whatever needed to be
done. When 5 o’clock rolled around, I would put everything away and focus on other things.
Back in the early 90’s when this occurred, offices were rarely open past 5 pm, so I knew it
was unlikely I’d be getting any phone calls for interviews. That’s when I would rest and let it
go. Until the next day, when I would repeat that daily ritual all over again.
Thankfully, my doctor had put me on “disability due to stress” which, because I had paid
into it, allowed me to receive my full salary for up to 6 weeks. At week 5, he phoned me and
said he could no longer sign for an extension on the claim, as I had reached the maximum
allowable time limit. I thanked him for helping me and told him I understood, as the
unmistakable scratching of the homeless wolf’s claws grew louder at my door.
During this time I had been casually dating a gentleman named Dennis who worked at a
company owned by Apple Computer. That Sunday as he was leaving my condo, he noticed a
stack of resumes I was planning to mail out. He said, “Why don’t you give me one of those
and I’ll see if the VP of HR at my company knows of anyone who is looking for someone
with your background.” Since I had nothing to lose, I complied. I gave him exactly one
Early the next morning, I received a call from the VP of HR who said he had run into Dennis
in the executive restroom...yes, apparently that really happens. Dennis had told him about
me and given him my resume. It just so happened that the VP was looking for someone with
my exact skills and experience. It seemed their company had just received notice of an EEOC
audit, for which my background was a perfect fit! I was hired as a temporary contractor on
the spot and began work on the same Monday my disability insurance payments ran out –
for one and a half times my previous salary. I might also add, this was the best environment
I had ever worked in. The management team was extremely respectful of their employees and
for one of the few times in my career, I felt valued. A three month contract turned into nine
months, at which point I was able to obtain a management position in another well-known
high tech firm, just as I had previously been looking for.
Amazing? Yes!  Although I wasn’t specifically aware of the particulars of how the Divine
Force manifests itself in our lives, I just KNEW that something or someone up there loved
me. Without realizing it, I had unwittingly tapped into the process which allows a direct
exchange of energy between dimensions. That is, between our physical dimension and the
non-physical spiritual dimension. The focus, fervor and conviction with which I offered my
prayer during those tenuous weeks literally created a hole in the veil between two worlds,
ours and that of Spirit. This allowed for the easy exchange of energy between our dimension
and theirs. My incredible desire, coupled with a huge amount of trust sent a clear message to
my Spiritual Support Team. It sent the message that my intention was not just to survive this
situation, but to emerge from it a winner! You see, as I prayed my simple five word prayer
each day with so much intensity, they went to work in the non-physical to gather other
beings who could provide additional assistance. The longer I prayed, the more beings
gathered. Consequently, more energy flowed towards rectifying my situation and moving
that huge mountain.
Additionally, the fact that I would fall into an exhausted lump and sleep each day after these
intense summoning sessions, allowed them to have me out of the way (along with any fear or
worrying I might have done, which would have gotten in the way of their efforts). I have no
doubt they gathered in my living room while I slept to discuss and strategize solutions.  
It is imperative that after we express our desires, we get out of the way and let our spiritual
team members do their work. It’s like when you’re not feeling well and someone offers to
make a meal for you in your kitchen, but you keep checking up on them, interrupting their
ability to effectively do their job. Getting out of the way, means putting our attention
completely elsewhere for a while. That gives our spiritual team the time and space they need
to call in other beings for assistance who possess expertise in the area needing attention.
These additional guardian angels, can then affect situations and behaviors of their own
human charges on earth who can help us. Remember, everyone has a team and they all
interact. It’s an awesome thing to witness the power of the coming together of those who are
able to create incredible outcomes.
There are several other important elements which must be understood in order to encourage
the successful coming together of this “energy” which creates miracles. They are key in
understanding how energy is exchanged between dimensions. And, they explain why prayers
are not always answered. Once you learn how to relate to your team so they are more
engaged in your daily life, you will be able to draw forth their assistance more easily. As you
read on you will come to understand the elements necessary to create an environment within
and around you which encourages a greater level of spiritual assistance.
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