Your Divine Spirit Guides Are
Always Near
Rev. Adriana is a Certified Spiritual Practitioner and
licensed  non-denominational minister. She is a proven
psychic as well as an expert in communicating with the
spirit-world. The article to the right, published in a 1969
issue of the Oakland Tribune, attests that
she has been
psychic since birth.

The information was submitted to the Tribune by her late
father who was an avid reader of Mr. Fiset's column. Mr.
Fiset didn't normally write about such things, but he
always had a soft spot in his heart for the innocence of
children, which is why we believe he wrote the article.
Rev. Adriana has a deep appreciation to Mr. Fiset for his
kindness and to her dad, for saving the article, which was
found among his belongings when he passed over in 1989.

Her dear father, along with her incredible Spirit Guides,
continue to provide Rev. Adriana with support and
assistance from the other side on a daily basis. They
encourage her to use her gifts of Psychic Mediumship to
help others utilize the awesome assistance that is
available to us all from the other side.